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 Barry Moyer

Director WRBBOF

The World Registry of Black Belts, Martial Arts Organizations, Federations and Associations was formed in 2002. The purpose was to design a registry of legitimately ranks individuals who have actually earned their black belt.

Many in today’s society are claiming the black belt without any real training, or from any real source . The WRBBOF was developed so that Legitimate martial artist can be acknowledged for their dedication to the martial arts and the hard work it took to become a black belt (the real deal).

With so many new styles and re-introduction of many of the old, the martial arts has seen a tremendous boom in the amount of people studying the martial arts. But many do not finish or only study a few months and claim the black belt. The WRBBOF and its members work hard to insure that all the applicant are reviewed and researched.

This research is done through a network of legitimate black belts around the world, the internet and phone. With the aid of these services we can confirm many of the applicants history and training.

We would like to welcome all legitimate Black Belts and Organizations.

The WRBBOF is not a diploma mill and we will not sell rank.

We do not grade for Rank although we could, we are just a registry your rank must have been earned from your respective teacher and or organization.

We follow all International NGB’s bodies requirement for ranks, unless circumstances warrants other consideration.

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World Registry of Black Belts, Martial Arts Organizations, Federations and Associations is for the 

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Only legitimate  Black Belts and Organizations can be a members of the Registry.





Although we try to be very diligent in the research of the applicants to ensure they are the real deal we can only go by the given information and facts provided by the research and information available.


We can not confirm or deny those who have not applied.




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